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Buying a medium format camera

A while back I bought a used Mamiya RZ67 (with lots of goodies) on eBay and this is how I did it. I had been eyeing a medium format camera for a while and was undecided to the end. Checking the bay frequently I would see cameras such as the Bronica ETR, ETR-S, Mamiya RZ and RB models, Pentax 67 and of course the Hasselblad cameras. Having done some homework I finally decided on the Mamiya RZ67 system since it seemed to be the most logical choice. The Bronica seemed good but I kept hearing different stories about how it was built and the quality of the lenses. The Pentax ranked high but is fundamentally a different camera with no detachable back etc. The Hassy was simply too expensive so the logical choice was the Mamiya RB or RZ systems. The RB was cheaper but also an older model and with it’s 6x4.5 negative area it seemed better to go with the newer RZ67 and get larger negatives at the same time. At any given time you will find three or four of the RZ67’s with varying amounts of gear such as lenses, backs and film for sale. The price usually increase with the number of lenses included but generally start at about $500 (if you Buy Now) with bids starting at $300ish. Having spent time on finding the right camera for my needs I didn't want to get “out-bid” at the last second and decided for the “Buy Now” option. I found a great kit which included the camera body, a 110mm lens, two backs (one 120 and one Polaroid) and about 50 rolls of 120 film, all for $650. The 50 rolls of 120 film alone would cost me about $250 at B&H so it really seemed like a great deal. I also happen to love instant photography so the Polaroid back really sealed the deal for me. Not more than 4 days later I had the package on my door step and the fun began...




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Until I upload photos to this website you an view some of the shots here:



March 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJonas Tegnerud

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