Here you will find regular updates on what gear I use and how I use it. I like to explore all kinds of sides to photography and will experiment regularly with modified gear to get the results i like.


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The fabulous 50

If you asked 10 photographers what their favorite lens was I bet that 9 would answer a fast 50mm fixed focal length lens. So why is the fabulous 50 so popular with most photographers? Well, its generally small, lightweight and cheap. Most major manufactures (read: Canon and Nikon) also carry several models from really cheap to ridiculously expensive making it easy to find a lens that fit your budget. A 50mm lens on a full frame body like the Canon 5D or any 35mm camera also gives you a natural perspective that is easy to use when you are on the move, personally I find the 50 to be my go-to lens in most situations. I almost always keep it on my camera and if I take it off it will easily fit in my pocket.  Since it is fast (f/1.2 or 1.4) I can use it in low light situations where a flash would be prohibited or useless like museums or churches etc. The high aperture also let you take photos with a short depth of field creating that nice blur in the background (and foreground) making it great for portraits or closeup shots of details.  But isn't a fixed focal length lens a problem if you need to get close to your subject or change the composition? Not really, you can always use your feet and actually walk closer or move around your subject. I also find that the fixed focal length forces me to be more creative in finding the right composition. During my most recent trip to Europe I actually made a point of shooting exclusively with a 50mm lens. I used both my Canon 50mm f/1.4 and my Mamiya 50mm f/1.2 with great results. I created a separate gallery that I will keep on this site for a short time only to show some of my work from the trip and how shooting exclusively with one lens can turn out different results. You can find the gallery here  or from my home page.


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