Here you will find regular updates on what gear I use and how I use it. I like to explore all kinds of sides to photography and will experiment regularly with modified gear to get the results i like.


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Vivitar IC 101 PANORAMA

Next week I will be traveling to Maui for 5 days bringing ONLY my trusted Vivitar IC 100 panorama and 4 rolls of Kodak TX 400 film. I think that is about as light as it goes in terms of camera gear. I will post a full story once I'm back on the mainland again.


How to modify a 35mm camera...

In this post I will show how I modified the camera I use to take the 35mm panoramic pictures I have in my gallery section of this website.

For my 35mm panoramic shots i use a modified Black Slim Devil by SuperHeadz. This is a great little plastic camera with a 22mm lens.

 To get the panoramic look i make two small strips of aluminum (from a regular soda can) cut to app. 43mm x 5mm. This can be tricky since the aluminum is "flimsy"and dents easily.

I use regular flat black enamel paint (can be found at any hobby store) to pain the strips black before I glue them to the camera body.

Once the paint is dry I put a small amount of super glue to fix the strips of aluminum in the camera as shown in the picture.

I end by covering any glue or exposed aluminum with the black paint.

You want to ensure that the strips of metal don't have any sharp edges since this can scratch the film and ruin your day.

You can find this camera at several places on the internet however I bought mine at for about $30.00. This is a great website for plastic "toy" cameras, accessories and film.

Time to go outside and shoot!